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Flood Mitigation Plan Update

The Flood Mitigation Plan (FMP) was developed in conjunction with the Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) Update.  This same process was used in 2017 for the HMP and previous FMP. While the HMP update process includes both coastal hazards and flood chapters, along with flood-related mitigation strategies, the intent of the FMP is not to duplicate the information within the HMP. The Flood Mitigation Plan compliments and expands upon the HMP.  The FMP further develops and refines flood mitigation data, analysis, and mitigation strategies. 

To review the 2022 Dorchester County Flood Mitigation Plan, please click here or click on the plan cover below. 

FMP Cover.jpg

Core Planning Team (CPT) members were identified by the Department of Emergency Services to assist in the development of the 2022 Flood Mitigation Plan. Departments, agencies, and organizations represented on the CPT includes:​​

  • Town of Galestown

  • Town of Hurlock

  • Town of Secretary

  • Town of Vienna 

  • Dorchester County Volunteer Fire Association

  • Dorchester County Erosion Group

  • Heart of Chesapeake Country Heritage Area

  • Twin Point Cove Group

  • Hoopersville Group

  • Nanticoke Watershed Alliance

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • University of Maryland Anthropology Department 

  • University of Maryland Extension

  • ShoreRivers

  • Taylors Island Volunteer Fire Company

  • Salisbury University

  • Maryland Department of Planning

  • Maryland Department of Emergency Management

  • Dorchester County Council

  • Dorchester County Emergency Services

  • Dorchester County Planning & Zoning

  • Dorchester County Public Works

  • Dorchester County Sanitary District

  •  Dorchester County Sheriffs Office 

  • Dorchester County Finance

  • Dorchester County Economic Development

  • Dorchester County Emergency Communications Division

  • Dorchester County Health Department

  • Dorchester County Environmental Health

  • Dorchester County Department of Social Services

  • Dorchester County Board of Education

  • Town of Brookview

  • City of Cambridge

  • Town of Church Creek

  • Town of East New Market

  • Town of Eldorado

CPT Meeting Notes #1

Meeting #1 Presentation

CPT Workshop Notes

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